“As I reflect on how far we’ve come in such a remarkably short time, I am bowled over by how brilliantly you have performed and how key your role was in the transformation of the Harlem Educational Activities Fund. You are a major asset to the organizations with which you work. Keep it up.”

Daniel Rose, Founder and Chairman Emeritus
Harlem Educational Activities Fund, Inc.
New York, New York

“I was skeptical about the need for an outside facilitator to help us develop our strategic plan; I could not have been more wrong. Addie elicited information for us that we could not have captured on our own. Moreover, she gave structure to the entire planning process, from reorganization to developmental goals. We will be forever in her debt.”

Lee J. Alston
Ostrom Chair and Professor of Economics
Director of the Ostrom Workshop
Indiana University

“You did a really great job with and for us, helping us embark upon and succeed in strategic planning. You have a real gift for asking questions and moving forward in an adept and gracious manner.”

Patterson Sims, Director
Montclair Art Museum
Montclair, New Jersey

“The Board Development Study for the American Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is excellent. Board members were impressed by its quality as well as the content and manner of delivery of your oral presentation.”

Steven P. Schwartz, Esq., Chairman
American Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
New York, New York

“I want to thank you for what you have masterfully and analytically outlined with great sensitivity in the Assessment Report for the New York Friends of Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. The conclusions point specifically to changes that are needed, while the narrative clearly shows there is intelligence, commitment, understanding, and determination among board members to face the challenges ahead. Thank you for working with us so effectively. We couldn’t have done it without your wise counsel and constant support.”

Jill Collier Indyk, Liaison to the Director General
Cham Sheba Medical Center
Tel Hashomer, Israel

“Addie is an excellent consultant because she is able to view the big picture but focus on the fine details with equal perception. She has a depth of understanding of the issues that face nonprofit boards and staffs and is able to build good relationships and mutual respect with both. Addie combines knowledge of fundraising needs, best practices of business, and ethical sense with her passion for the philanthropic community.”

Becky Dembo, Executive Director
Partnership in Philanthropy
Chatham, New Jersey

“The Board and Staff Study for People & Stories/Gente y Cuentos identifies with remarkable accuracy the critical and potentially transformative turning points our organization faces at this time. I am eager to begin conversations with board members as to next steps for implementing its recommendations.”

Patricia Andres, PhD, Executive Director
People & Stories/Gente y Cuentos
Trenton, New Jersey

“Addie did an excellent job of outlining for board members the many complex issues related to Carpathian Foundation’s endowment campaign and showing staff in a “hands on” way how to build donor constituencies in their countries and the U.S. We were so impressed that the Director of Fundatia Parteneri Dezvoltare Locala, also a CF board member, enlisted Addie’s services for strategic planning.”

Anca-Maria Harasim
Chairman, Carpathian Foundation
Kosice, Slovak Republic

“On behalf of the Community Fund board, I would like to thank you for addressing our agencies and local organizations. The issues of strategic planning, board management, and fundraising occupy us all, large and small organizations alike. Your presentation was extremely engaging and informative, while your insights were invaluable and have provoked healthy discussion within many of our agencies–a number of them have called to thank us for sponsoring your presentation.”

Linda Smith-Shearer, MBA, Executive Director
The Community Fund of Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe Inc.
Bronxville, New York

“The Heartsong Board of Directors hired Addie to do a board and staff study at a critical time in the life of the organization. We were impressed all along the way with the quickness with which Addie grasped the issues, the comprehensiveness of her approach, and the sensitivity she showed to all members of the board and staff. Her final report contained a thorough documentation of where we were, where we needed to get to, and a complete plan for how to get from here to there. Not only were Addie’s recommendations helpful in and of themselves, but this step-by-step plan has been an essential tool for us as we move ahead. With Addie’s assistance we are now finding it easier to negotiate the bumps in the road and are looking forward once again to a bright future for Heartsong.”

Lisa Kunstadter
Chairman, Board of Directors
Heartsong, Inc.
Bronxville, New York

“Addie’s expertise and strong judgment proved essential as the Forum for Urban Design was established in 2005. She helped the Directors articulate a mission, organize the staff, anticipate revenue streams, and plan a membership campaign. Addie also provided crucial support to the Executive Director as I began my tenure. The Forum has enjoyed a remarkably successful launch, and we are very grateful for Addie’s assistance in making this possible.”

David Haskell, Executive Director
Forum for Urban Design
New York, New York

“Addie has a special gift for getting to clarity. She can quickly see weaknesses that must be addressed and strengths that must be emphasized if an organization is to move forward. Her writing skills are extraordinary. The considerable time we spent with Addie was vitally important to the health of The Discovery Orchestra. We know that the next six months will be critical as we seek to increase contributed income, engage a new Executive Director, and expand consciousness of the TDO brand. Our anticipated success in these endeavors will undoubtedly be in fair measure attributable to our consultancy with Addie.”

George Marriner Maull, Founder and Artistic Director
The Discovery Orchestra
Warren, New Jersey

“I have now been through the strategic plan. My overall comment is WOW you have done a remarkable job of synthesizing a lot of material, filling in some gaping holes in our thinking, and summarizing it all in a way that should appeal to all of our stakeholders now and in the future. Just as importantly, you have produced a document that will assist us in recruiting the new Executive Director and one that he or she will be able to use as the road map to our future. Congratulations.”

Forest D. Jones
Vice President, Board of Trustees
The Discovery Orchestra
Warren, New Jersey